04.12.2022 Finnish Winner CACIB show in Finland, judge Zidy Munsterheilm-Ehnberg (FI), 42 cavaliers.

Kinvaar The Flower Fairy - BOB JUN, BOB, JUN CAC, JUN CACIB, CAC, FIN JUN W'22, FIN W'22!
Darden Cavaliers Domino - Exc2


02.12.2022 Helsinki Winner Nordic-show in Finland, judge Svein Björn (DK), 43 cavaliers entered.

Kinvaar The Flower Fairy - BB4, JUN CAC, CAC


30.10.2022 One blenheim boy and two blenheim girls were born from the combination Sonza's Älskare for Dingir-ra x Dingir-ra Trail Blazer.


22.10.2022 Tallinna CACIB show, judge Inga Siil (EE), 9 cavaliers entered.

Quinoa Castellum Mare - BB2, CAC, res-CACIB, EE CH!


18.09.2022 One tricolour girl, one black and tan girl, one tricolour boy were born from the combination Kinvaar Son Of A Gun (UK) x Longbody's Citronmane (DK). All puppies are in their new homes.


03.09.2022 Puhja 9. Group Show, judge Manuel Queijeiro (MX), 14 cavaliers entered.

Darden Cavaliers Domino - BOB JUN, BD2, BIS3 JUN!!!
Kinvaar The Flower Fairy - BOS JUN, BB1, BOS
Helandros Ice Flower - BOS VET, BB4
Domino + Brooke - BIS1 Brace


13.08.2022 Latvian Cavalier Speciality, judge G. Tytgat (FR), 97 cavaliers entered.

Darden Cavaliers Domino - BOS JUN, BOS blen, Best Head
Helandros Moonlight Melody - BOS VET, VET CAC, LV Vet CH


07.08.2022 Luunja 8. & 9. Group Show, judge Daiva Rimaityte (LT), 24 cavaliers entered.

Darden Cavaliers Domino - JUN CAC, BOB JUN, BD3, BIS2 JUN!!! EE J CH
Kinvaar The Flower Fairy - JUN CAC, BOS JUN, BB2, EE J CH
Sonza's Älskare For Dingir-ra - BD1, BOS
Helandros Ice Flower - BOB VET, BOB, BIS3 VET!!!
Schiller + Lilly - BIS1 Brace


06.08.2022 Luunja 8. & 9. Group Show, judge Valentinas Stiklius (LT), 22 cavaliers entered.

Darden Cavaliers Domino - JUN CAC, BOS JUN, BOB
Kinvaar The Flower Fairy - JUN CAC, BOB JUN, BOS
Sonza's Älskare For Dingir-ra - BD2
Schiller + Lilly - BIS1 Brace


20.08.2022 Annual Dingir-ra summer gathering took place under tropical weather conditions. Participants from Estonia and Finland had the chance to learn breed specific grooming. Huge thank you to everyone who showed up despite extreme weather and see you all next year!


In the beginning of August, Sauvignon Blanc Castellum Mare ''Clara''' will be joining Team Dingir-ra. She is born 19.03.2022, breeder Sofia Salazar Leite (kennel Castellum Mare, Portugal), sire Lipton Du Clos D'Arlequin and dam Oh Glory Days Castellum Mare.


Summer Gathering for Dingir-ra cavaliers will be on 20.08.2022, the subject this time grooming and I will be giving a lecture and a practical workshop myself. Free to all Dingir-ra puppy owners. Welcome to Võsivere!


02.07.2022 Imavere CACIB Show, judge Tony Allcock (UK), 16 cavaliers entered.

Sherah's Captain Morgan - BD4, CAC - EE CH!


05.03.2022 UK Parent Club Show, judge for dogs mr S. Martin.

Sonza's Älskare For Dingir-ra - RESERVE in Open. We were proud to participate in the Parade of Champions.